Daily Roundup

Are You For or Against Calvinism? – David Schrock takes a look at two books released by Zondervan near the end of 2011, For Calvinism by Michael Horton and Against Calvinism by Roger Olson.

Husbands, Spend Time with Your Wife – Spending just 5 1/2 hours a week interacting with your spouse can strengthen your marriage.  (I wonder what 10 hours would do?)

What’s the Difference Between the Decretive and Perceptive Wills of God? – R. C. Sproul talks about this issue.  More for the theologically minded.

How does a Pastor’s Wife Battle Loneliness – Brian Croft talks about this issue.

Bible App for Smartphones – If you have a smartphone and want a great Bible app, YouVersion is a great idea.  I use it daily.  Check it out.

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