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I happened across this online book site a week or so ago and want to share it.  You can read books online, order and electronic copy very cheaply, or even get an actual book delivered.  Currently I’m reading the electronic copy of Spurgeon’s Lectures To My Students.  Here is more information on Deep Roots Library:

About Deep Roots Library

Deep Roots Library exists to serve the Church by  making writings from Christian history accessible, readable, affordable, and searchable. We believe that there is great value in fellowship among believers, even if they are centuries removed from where we are today.

Technology has made it possible for the first time ever to have immediate access to thousands of books, devotionals, commentaries, and sermons, Deep Roots Library exists to make sure that this opportunity isn’t wasted, that believers around the world can access solid Biblical teaching, all for free.

If you want to know more about what drives us, here are our core values:

Gospel Centered

It’s our firm belief and joyful experience that the Good News of Jesus Christ is the central focus of the universe. Our primary goal at Deep Roots Library is that the materials would be used to strengthen the Church, and the Gospel would be spread around the world, to the glory and praise of God the Father.

God’s People

The believer’s primary identity and allegiance is to Christ; we are the people of God. But sadly, most of us have little to no knowledge of our history as a people. How can you identify with a nation if you have no awareness of their beginnings, their stories, their heroes, and even their mistakes? We want to make sure that those stories are told, heroes are celebrated, and mistakes don’t happen again.

Glorious Truth

God has been speaking to His people through His Word for over two thousand years. Some of those folks took the time to write down what they found, and we have the privilege of reading it generations later.  A lot of things have changed since their times, but God’s word is not one of them.

Global Perspective

Sometimes we get to thinking that the way we do things is the only right way. Hearing from saints on all continents, through all centuries opens our eyes and hearts to different ways that God has worked over the course of human history.

Good Fun

If anyone has something to be happy about it, it’s the people of God. At Deep Roots Library, we take God seriously and ourselves not as much.

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