Daily Roundup

The Chief Theological Task: Remember. Why is it so hard to remember? In the words of Peter Cockrell, “The only thing more difficult than finding the truth is not losing it. ”

Preaching To The Heart. A blog post by Peter Mead who seems to have a real heart for the preaching of the Word.

Marriage is More Wonderful Than Anyone on Earth Knows. As one who has a major anniversary (10 years) coming up soon, I’ve found myself thinking more and more about the role of marriage and it’s importance. Marriage is a profound mystery and something we take for granted way more than we should. This Momentary Marriage is a book that I recommend highly.

$5 Friday at Ligonier. Ligonier has some great deals this week. Check them out.

Visual Theology. Here is a collection of graphic images that visualizes theology. Great for posting at your church or in your office to help you have a visual reference of theological issues. Topics covered so far include the Trinity, Order of Salvation, Books of the Bible and 9 others.



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