Mere Christianity

About 25 years ago I read The Screwtape Letters and thought it was a fantastic way of looking at spiritual warfare. In the years since I have often thought of reading more by C. S. Lewis, but for one reason or another, I never got around to it. About a month ago I purchased The Great Divorce and read it in 2 days. Again, I was struck by the ability of Mr. Lewis to weave a fictional tale in such a manner that I was left thinking about some really deep spiritual issues.

Now, before you get bent out of shape, understand that Mr. Lewis had a view of Theology that is quite different than mine. From what I have gathered, Lewis’ background was Anglican, yet he seems to have held to some interesting views. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones questioned his salvation and Dr. Bob Jones affirmed it. So, since I respect both men immensely, I’ll just have to leave the sorting of the issue up to God.

So, about two weeks ago, I started reading Mere Christianity. I will admit that it was a fascinating read. Lewis had a wonderful way of looking at things and then being able to put those thoughts into words. It was one of those books you read where you feel your thoughts expanding into areas you didn’t know were possible. It’s almost as if I can hear the voice of John Piper when he is preaching and talking about how your thoughts just soar when you think about the richness of the God that Lewis described in Mere Christianity.

Hopefully over the next few days I’ll be able to post on some of the things I read and how they lifted my thoughts of God to a higher level.

Bottom line, I would not call this book a “must read,” but as long as you are firmly grounded in proper Calvinistic Doctrine, I would say that it is a book you should read. You will definitely look at a few things differently after you read it.

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