Spurgeon’s First Words at the Tabernacle

I happened to listen to Phil Johnson’s (an ex-Pyromaniac) talk on “Charles Spurgeon: The Controversialist” earlier this week (found here), and was directed to Spurgeon’s autobiography. I was able to obtain a copy in PDF format via Google Books. Inside the book there was a facsimile of a memorial card that had the first words that Charles Spurgeon spoke at the Tabernacle and they are as follows:

I would propose that the subject of the ministry in this house, as long as this platform shall stand, and as long as this house shall be frequented by worshippers, shall be the person of JESUS CHRIST. I am never ashamed to avow myself a Calvinist; I do not hesitate to take the name of Baptist; but if I am asked what is my creed, I replay, “It is Jesus Christ.” My venerated predecessor, Dr. Gill, has left a body of divinity, admirable and excellent in its way; but the body of divinity to which I would pin and bind myself forever, God helping me, is not his system, or any other human treatise; but Christ Jesus, who is the sum and substance of the Gospel, who is in himself all theology, the incarnation of every precious truth, the all-glorious embodiment of the way, the truth, and the life.

That we could say the same today!

2 responses to “Spurgeon’s First Words at the Tabernacle

  1. Glad that this encouraged you. I know it greatly encouraged and challenged me when I read it.