The Bible

As I was reading a blog I follow this morning, I came across a quote that struck a chord with me.

The Bible is God’s Bible; and when I see it, I seem to hear a voice springing up from it, saying, “I am the book of God; man, read me. I am God’s writing; open my leaf, for I was penned by God; read it, for he is my author, and you will see him visible and manifest everywhere. —Charles Spurgeon

I have also been reading “Great Doctrines of the Bible” by Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  In this book, Jones states that The Bible in no way tries to answer “all possible questions”.  That seems to be where we as Christ followers get into trouble.  I’ve been guilty of it.  Whenever I am talking to someone and they ask me a question, for some reason I think I have to have an answer.  Sometimes the answer just isn’t there.  Take for example those who either subscribe to the “old earth theory” or the “new earth theory”.  If you don’t know what these theory’s are, google them.  Basically, The Bible states, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,” but, since none of us were around “In the beginning” we don’t really know when that is.  So, instead of arguing about the theory, why can’t we just do what the quote above says.  Because God is God and He created the world, we should “…see him visible and manifest everywhere.”

To me, it just seems that if we would quit asking questions of God and just take Him at his word, this journey we are on with Him would be so much easier and better for us.  How’s that for my two cents for today?

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