The Insignificant God

I can’t explain why the thoughts come to me the way they do. It goes without saying that I’m extremely far south of odd, there is no doubt about that.

Again as I was driving through Fort Gibson I went by those same three churches that are all right next door to one another. Basically within a three block span there are four churches and I was just thinking to myself as I was driving by there, if we/the church are like the city on a hill, why, why are these churches little bitty, landlocked, stuck in a little bitty frame of mind? Why do people have the mentality that says, “I want to be in a small church?” Heaven is not going to be a small place. Are we so shortsighted, lets use a little bit stronger term, are we so stupid to think that God is not a big God? Are we so ignorant of Him and who He is and what He is. What else could cause us to sit in our little bitty tiny churches and say to ourselves, I’m satisfied with this. What else would cause us to not want people to come. What is it in our thinking that so limits who God is? I’m guilty of it, I confess that right now. I’m guilty of thinking thoughts unworthy of God because they are so tiny.

It just boggles my mind to think that we can be so satisfied with so little when the word is so clear in stating that God is so big and He is so much more than we can conceive and our imagination cannot even begin to contain who God is; cannot even begin to imagine what he is capable of. I want to know more of what He is capable of. I want Him to be capable of so much through my life. I don’t want to be a part of something that’s small and tiny and insignificant unless that’s exactly what God wants me to be a part of, although I don’t think that is what He wants. I mean, come on, you can’t read the Bible and not see where God uses people in extremely significant ways. Can we just grasped that and grab a hold of it and walk in it?

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    • It very well could have been, but my personality runs towards the sarcastic, which is what I was shooting for with the title.