Idealism and Wisdom

This morning on my way to work, I was listening to a worship album from a group called Jesus Culture.  The words of the songs they were singing sounded so idealistic and the thought crossed my mind, “do they really know the depths of what they are singing about?” because most of the musicians and singers are pretty young.  Then the thought struck me that the youth of our churches have so much Idealism, but by the time they are my age (mid 40’s), that Idealism is mostly gone and through life experience, they have gained a measure of Wisdom.  The downside is that in gaining Wisdom, for the most part, people have become what I call “safe.”  Somehow, the church has to foster an attitude of Wise Idealism so that the culture of both can by fused together in an effective way to reach out to this world we live in and show them Christ.  Am I crazy to believe that that can happen?

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