Bushfire2What would you think if you happened to look out your window at home and saw a sight like this image depicts?  I’m almost positive that they would be thoughts of gathering anybody that happened to be in the house and getting out of there as fast as possible.   As you were on your way out the door, you might try and grab a photo album or two, or some other keepsake that had sentimental value.  But Nobody in their right mind would stay there and watch it come closer and closer, much less contemplate running towards it.  We would think that someone that did something like that was insane!

Now, I don’t really think of myself as crazy or insane, yet, this morning, I did run towards a fire that makes this one look minuscule by comparison.  No, you won’t read about it in the newspaper or see a clip on the evening news describing some guy who did something heroic.  My run towards the fire was of a spiritual nature.  Just like yesterday morning, I was in trouble before I was 90 seconds down the road.  I really don’t know why, but, no sooner was I out of my driveway when this prayer came out of my lips:

  1. God, devastate me.  Bring me to my knees before You.
  2. Burn through me with your holiness and refine me so that I am a reflection of you.
  3. Fill me with a sense of your awesomeness, your glory, your power.

I’d love to say that instantly something great happened, but it didn’t.  But, I have absolutely no doubt that God heard my prayer and He is in the process of bringing it be.  How can I know this, you might ask?  Because it is God’s will.  It is not only His will for me, but everyone who calls upon the name of Christ!

Earlier this year, I was out in New Mexico doing some maintenance on an office network.  When I drove back, I took a little detour through the mountains just East of Alamogordo.  I went through a little tourist town named Cloudcroft and took a back road north from there to get to Ruidoso.  As I got closer to Ruidoso, I noticed that some areas looked burned.  The more I drove, the worse it got, until, all that was there was a carpet of beautiful, tender green grass all over the mountain sides, with burned out trees standing watch over it.  For years, man has tried to battle forest fires, but we have learned that they are natures way of purging the land so that a renewal can take place.   Isn’t that a small picture of what God wants to do with our lives?  He wants to burn away all that is displeasing to Him so that something new can begin to grow within us.

Philippians 1:6 (NLT) states:  “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”  I am certain that He is doing this in my life and I am praying that it be accomplished.  Are you?

One response to “Devastating

  1. That picture makes me cry! It most vividly depicts what most of the world is running right into. May God shake us up completely so we REALLY understand the desperate situation of people without Christ. A lot of times I think I’d be willing to give my life for my friends and loved ones, and all others also, that don’t know Christ. But Jesus allready gave his life. What will it take for the Holy Spirit to get through to them?