My Idea of The Church

I was praying about the churches in the area that I know about and the thought ran through my mind, “If I knew absolutely nothing about church traditions, what kind of church would I want to be a part of or lead?”  From this question, I came up with the following:


–          Would definitely be modeled on what people listen to in their everyday life (Rock, Country, Blues)

–          Format would be concert like

–          Lots of visuals

–          Lights to set a mood

–          Communion setting where people can take it at their leisure during all phases of the service


–          Meeting people at their need.

–          Out in the community

–          Partnering with schools once or twice a year to make improvements (painting, landscaping, cleaning, helping teachers set up classrooms, etc)

–          Partnering with stores to purchase groceries for un-suspecting shoppers.

–          Partnering with missionaries to reach other countries

–          Partnering with Gas Stations to purchase gas at a discount.

–          30-40% of church monies would be used to reach out to


–          Organized small groups with teaching based on Doctrine, Christian Living, etc

–          Concentrate on equipping people to be able to reach out and pass on what they have learned.

–          Small groups should be continually turning over after 12-18 months to facilitate growth.

–          Saturday and/or Sunday Experiences should be relevant to cultural events happening around us.

–          Experiences would be low key without hype or psychological methods to elicit emotional responses.

–          Teaching/Preaching will be straight forward, pulling no punches.

–          No teaching/preaching should be done that does not cause the listener to have more than two choices:  draw closer to God or push away from God.  (If done properly, the listener might push away from God, but will have to make a conscious decision to do so).

–          Classes will be broken up in age appropriate groups and teachers will teach age appropriate material, but again, it will not be ambiguous.  It will be centered on Christ and His redemptive work.

Body Ministry

–          Needs (if they are known) will be met amongst the body.

–          Trust will be developed in the body.

–          Trust will be fostered at all levels of leadership

–          An attitude of giving will be fostered at all levels of leadership

–          An attitude of acceptance will be fostered at all levels of leadership.

–          Leadership will lead the way to raise up a follow on group of leadership so that the body can continue to grow and replicate.

–          Major emphasis on mentoring and raising up the next generation of leaders


–          Paid staff will be kept to a minimum to maximize missional/outreach programs

–          Staff, where possible will be drawn from the body


–          All resources produced by the church will be given away

Maybe I’m crazy to believe that something like this could make a difference, but then people thought Jesus was crazy when He did some of the things He did.

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