The Only Christian

I had this thought while driving in to work this morning.  Whenever I have a thought that stays with me for 20 miles or so, I know that it is God trying to teach me something.  My thought was:  If I were the only Christian that someone ever came in contact with, what kind of impact would I have on their life?

  • Would they want to know more about Christ?
  • Would it at least plant a seed in their heart, even if they didn’t accept Him then?
  • Would they see Christ living in me and wonder what was different about me?
  • Would they not be impacted at all?
  • Would my witness cause them to not want anything to do with God at all?

Like this image, would my witness cause a ripple across the surface of their life?  Just the thought of the points I listed above caused me to spend some serious time searching my life.  Is Christ truly living in and through me?  Is He making such an impact in my own life that He shines forth in a compelling way to those around me?  Is the light of His glory shining through me?  These are some questions that we should ask ourselves every day and pray about fervently.

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