Salt Of The Earth

I was reading through the sermon on the mount today and decided to to look a little deeper at verse 13 because I have always wondered about salt losing it’s saltiness.  Anyway, I Googled the phrase, “how does salt lose its saltiness” and came across a website that explained a bit about how this can happen from a scientific perspective.  Here is the link.  But the most interesting part was the last paragraph.  Deneen White writes, “Thereby I assert that the question that the Christian, the Christ follower must ask is not necessarily, ‘How does salt lose its saltiness?’ Rather the question should be, ‘How then can I maintain my saltiness?’”

I agree whole-heartedly!

One response to “Salt Of The Earth

  1. Thom, This got me started on another way of teaching Teachers. I had just watched a video on the website about us being SALT, LIGHT, BRANCHES. Thanks for the thought!!! I guess I need to thank the person on the link, too.