Conversational Prayer

This morning I woke up in Marshall, Tx. I left home yesterday afternoon to make a trip to a job-site in Louisiana. I always like to start my day off with prayer, and today was no different. But what was so funny about it, was the way I started my prayer. This isn’t word for word, but it’s close: “Morning Lord, I’m coming before you from Texas today!” As soon as I finished saying this, I just started laughing out loud because He knows exactly where I am. He knows exactly what I am doing, and He knows how my day is going to unfold.

But the point that really was brought before me was that, I don’t have to pray some “Deep Theological Dissertation On The Issue Of Sanctification” (imagine me saying this in a deep, King James English sort of way) or some other such thing. My prayer time with God really isn’t all that different than a conversational tone I might have with the people I work with, my wife, anybody. Prayer isn’t the hard thing that a lot of us try and make it. It is a time to fellowship with God.

So, keep them simple. Don’t try to get all “deep” with God (He’s deeper than we can ever comprehend). Set aside some time everyday. But most importantly, make some time to just sit and listen. He does talk back. I’m finding that He loves it when we listen because He gets to fellowship with us. That is what we were made for, to commune with Him.

One response to “Conversational Prayer

  1. It struck me kind of funny that you didn’t greet the Lord with “Good evening!” I’ve gotten the feeling you have your morning and evening mixed up.
    Keep up the good work and fine communication with your Heavenly Father. He will reveal more treasures for you every day!