I was reading a blog today from David Wilkerson and one of the things he wrote was: “A Transfiguration is taking place in all our lives. The truth is, we’re being changed by what obsesses us. We’re becoming like the things that occupy our minds. Our character is being influenced and impacted by whatever has hold of our hearts.” That just ripped into my heart because I have seen the truth of that over the past 2 months. After years of a lackadaisical, half-hearted walk with God, I have gotten serious about Him. I have started reading the Bible in a consistent manner and praying with a newfound passion and I can say that I am finding the above statement to be totally true. It used to be that I thought about God only a few times a day. Now, I find that it seems odd when I don’t think about Him. He is amazing! He is awesome! He is real! And little by little, he is changing me to be more like Him.

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