Holey Socks

Let me start this off by saying that my wife is a wonderful woman.  She goes above and beyond to take care of me, our children and our house.  So, this is in no way a criticism of her.  Just an observation I had this morning.

I’ve noticed that the under clothes that I wear seem to be a bit thread bare lately.  My socks have a few holes in them.  My T-shirts are almost thin enough to read a paper through.  And my under shorts are a little frayed.  But, if I dig down in my drawer a little deeper, all of these clothes are in good condition.  Matter of fact, they look like they could have been bought and taken out of the package yesterday.  Why is that?  Efficiency!  My wife is incredibly efficient.  She keeps the clothes washed and put back in the drawer before I have an opportunity to get down more than 3 layers deep.  Thank you, Baby, for taking such good care of me.

So, this morning the socks I pulled out had a couple of small holes in them and my undershirt had a seam coming undone under the arm.  As I was putting them on, I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I reach down into the drawer and pull out something better?”  And that is when I had one of those “AHaaaaaa” moments.  Let’s put this in the context of the modern Church.

Has the Church become so efficient that we are recycling the same old stuff again and again until it is to the point where it should be thrown away?  Why is it that we don’t reach down to the bottom of the drawer and bring out the new?  We serve a very creative Creator!  He is more than ready, more than willing to share something new with us if we will only ask Him and listen to Him.

I’ve known for a long time that people, as a whole, are creatures of habit.  Change is not something that any of us do well.  But, the world we live in today has changed tremendously over the past 30 years and we need to be in tune with God enough that we are changing our methods and the presentation of the message to reach this generation of people.  Don’t get me wrong, the message itself can never be changed.  Jesus is the One we need to be pointing to.  He is the One we should lift up.  He is the One we need to present to people.  But our methods need to be relevent, fresh, exciting, and maybe just a little out of the ordinary to reach our communities.

The church should not be guilty of presenting a gospel that is as full of holes as the socks I picked out this morning.  The church should be on the edge!  Not the bleeding edge, but the cutting edge.  We need a fresh word from the Lord.  My prayer is that He will start with me and help me communicate a fresh word in my local church, and then to my local community.

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